ResourceBundle Editor – Eclipse plugin for edit resource bundle files

April 19th, 2009 thiamteck Posted in Eclipse, Editor | No Comments »

Edit multiple resource bundles file with plain text editor is error prone. It is difficult to detect the missing of certian entry in one of the file. It is also troublesome to convert non-ASCII content to the Unicode represetation of format “\uXXXX”

So the ResourceBundle Editor come in as a handy tool for such task. The features of this Eclipse plugin are:

  • view entry from multiple localized resource bundle file simultaneously
  • detect and highlight missing entries
  • convert Unicode to “\uXXXX”
  • sort and group entries by key
  • hierarchical or flat view of entries

I have run this plugin with Eclipse 3.4 and it is working fine. Below is the screen capture:

ResourceBundle Editor

ResourceBundle Editor

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OpenSMPP/SMS Tools – Java Open Source SMPP API

November 14th, 2008 thiamteck Posted in API, Java | No Comments »

As the name imply, OpenSMPP is an open source SMPP API that written in Java. It is conform to SMPP 3.4 while SMPP 5.0 is in the road map.

It is originate from Logica Open SMPP until version 1.3.  And was continue to be maintain in sourceforge. So you may found version 1.3.7 at OpenSMPP with some important bugs fixed. It is release for exisiting code that tie to Logica Open SMPP package namespace.

This API is handy for development of ESME that bind to SMSC. All PDU required to interact with SMSC is provided. Receiving PDU is by implements your own listener which make you code clean from thread and infinite loop.

It will really be better if there is something similar to ExceptionListener in JMS for developer to capture connection failure.

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Open Command Prompt from any folder – “Open Command Window Here”

October 8th, 2008 thiamteck Posted in Utility | No Comments »

The default Windows command prompt always start from user home directory (C:Documents and SettingsUsername).

After install “Open Command Window Here”, you may right click any folder to open command prompt from there.

“Open Command Window Here” is one of the utility under Microsoft PowerToys.

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