Mock Web Services with soapUI

August 8th, 2008 thiamteck Posted in Web Services 1 Comment »

Develop and test SOAP client might be a painful experience if you do not have the access to the actual web service until system deployment on production environment.

So the mocking of web service is important during the development process.

Recently have come across a lengthy tutorial (20 A4 size pages) about Mock Web Serivces with Apache Synapse. IMHO, using an ESB such as Apache Synapse just to mock web services is a bit overkilled.

Fortunately, you do not have to setup a web service mock with a 20 pages tutorial. All you need is to download and install soapUI. Then import you WSDL to emulate the web service.

Eclipse plugin for soapUI is available. After install the plugin, I manage to setup a web serivce mock that give random response within 5 minutes with its quick start guide, and few line of Groovy code. (Plugin for NetBeans and IntelliJ also available but I do not try it out yet.)

soapUI is not just to mock web service. It also can be used to emulate web service client to perform funtional test and load test on web service.

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