ResourceBundle Editor – Eclipse plugin for edit resource bundle files

April 19th, 2009 thiamteck Posted in Eclipse, Editor No Comments »

Edit multiple resource bundles file with plain text editor is error prone. It is difficult to detect the missing of certian entry in one of the file. It is also troublesome to convert non-ASCII content to the Unicode represetation of format “\uXXXX”

So the ResourceBundle Editor come in as a handy tool for such task. The features of this Eclipse plugin are:

  • view entry from multiple localized resource bundle file simultaneously
  • detect and highlight missing entries
  • convert Unicode to “\uXXXX”
  • sort and group entries by key
  • hierarchical or flat view of entries

I have run this plugin with Eclipse 3.4 and it is working fine. Below is the screen capture:

ResourceBundle Editor

ResourceBundle Editor

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SciTE – source code editor & excellent log file viewer

August 24th, 2008 thiamteck Posted in Editor No Comments »

Notepad is always not a good choice to view source code. The used of CRLF as line break also make it not usable for viewing log file that downloaded from Linux server. And so far in my life, I never successfully open a huge log file with Notepad.

So there are plenty of text editor out there as an alternative for Notepad. Most of them done a good job as source code editor with a long list of features such as:

  • Syntax highlighting
  • folding
  • block comment
  • support for line breaks character of multiple platform
  • showing whitespace
  • indentation

SciTE is one of the text editor that good for source code editing. And it is very useful for viewing log file as well with its handy “Mark All” feature in Find dialog.

And below is the screen showing the highlight of line containing word ‘timeout’.

SciTE have both Windows and Linux version. For Windows, we recommend you to install with installer contributed by Bruce Dodson, which will add “Open with SciTE” into your context menu, and modified configuration that result in the nice search result as screen capture above. (You may turn on margin to see how the search result look like with default configuration)

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XML Copy Editor – Open source editor for XML

August 20th, 2008 thiamteck Posted in Editor No Comments »

XML is great machine readable format for exchanging data. Personally I feel it is human readable, but not human editable. Especially when you try to edit it with notepad.

So a XML editor that provide feature such content folding, syntax highlight, auto tag completion, etc will be helpful.

XML Copy Editor is an open source (GPL) XML editor that come with all features mentioned above. Besides these basic features, it also check the well-formedness of the XML, and validate the XML againt DTD, XML Schema, RELAX NG.

Besides editing, user also may query the XML via XPath within the editor.

And did I say that? XML Copy Editor have both Windows version and Linux version.

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