JMeter + JUnit : Class/Method level Load Test

August 12th, 2008 thiamteck Posted in Automation, Java No Comments »

JUnit is one of the de-facto standard unit testing framework, while JMeter is a popular open source load test tool. Both of them have make developers life easier.

However, both JUnit and JMeter have its own limitation.

Unit test with JUnit is often single threaded unless you use write your test case with library such as GroboUtils.

JMeter is good to load test application that expose an interface to receive request (i.e. HTTP, JMS, LDAP, etc), but it is not easy to load test internal component of the system.

And it is good that since version 2.1.2, JMeter have introduce a new sampler for load test: JUnit sampler.

With the same set of JUnit test case, you may create multiple combination of test plan in JMeter easily via drag and drop. Then configure the size of the Thread Group to increase the load of the test. Run the test, and you are done.

Besides load test the code in Class and Method level. You may use JUnit sampler as an compliment to build your own sampler that not provided in current JMeter distribution. For example, load test a SMSC via SMPP
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UMLGraph – Generate Class Diagram from Source Code

August 4th, 2008 thiamteck Posted in Automation, Java 4 Comments »

UMLGraph banner As you can see from the logo, UMLGraph aim to let user draw UML without using mouse. It generate UML diagram (Class diagram, Sequence diagram) based on a set of declarative syntax.

The most eye catching feature of UMLGraph is its ability to generate Class diagram from Java source code and embed it into javadoc. If you are generating javadoc via Ant build script, you can intergrate its doclet into your Ant script.

And after all these is done, you will get a nice javadoc with the most up to date Class diagram, without any changes to your source code.

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