ScribeFire – Firefox Plugin for Bloggers (to blog during office hour) is a plugin for Firefox which act as a blogging client that capable of publishing to various blogging platform such as Blogger, WordPress, Movable Type, Tumblr, Drupal, etc.

It support most of the features available in your blogging service platform. For example, publish as draft, set category, define tags, photo upload, etc.

So why should you use ScribeFire instead of your blogging service platform?

First, it let you copy and paste formatted text into your blog post. (But I can do it with my blogging service too.) . It also let you drag and drop images from Firefox into your post.

Seconds, if you do not wish your colleague know that you are blogging durig working hours, ScribeFire is for you. It is not that obvious to blog with ScribeFire, compare to Blogger where its color scheme can be see from far. :p

(PS: This entry is written with ScribeFire, but is not written during my working hour.)

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